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Edward (Ed) Coxe
(owner / developer)
Andyy Barr Productions
Boise, Idaho 83713


Computer Maintenance
We recommend you do this monthly

Disk Cleanup. A junk file cleaning utility built into Windows can be found by going to Start / All Programs / Accessories / System Tools.

Disk Defrag. A disk management tool found in the same location as Disk Cleanup (above)

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Play Free Games Online
Contact Info for over 300 Idaho Artists
Complete works of Carl Sandburg's
"Chicago Poems"

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Email Setup, Maintenance, and Tips

Step-by-step instructions for setting up email accounts on your computer or mobile phone. Click on the email version you are using and the instructions will open in a new window.

How to access your e-mail from the Internet using webmail.
Go to: and sign in with your full email address and password.

How to access your e-mail via a mobile device.
Go to: and sign in with your full email address and password.

It's a good idea to change your passwords periodically.

You can change your email passwords by logging into the mail server at

Your password must:

contain at least 6 characters
contain no more than 30 characters

Your password must not:

contain 3 or more consecutive numerals (e.g. 567, 9876)
contain the word "password"
contain the mailbox username
contain the mailbox domain name
contain any whitespace

Tips For Using E-mail Securely:

Be aware that it is extremely easy for someone to forge an email message to make it appear as if the message has been sent by your bank, a software vendor (e.g., Microsoft), or another entity with whom you do business. If a message requests that you send your password or other private information, or asks that you run or install an attached file, then it is very likely that the message is not legitimate. When in doubt, just mark the message as "junk" and delete it.

Be cautious when clicking on links sent to you in email messages from someone you don't recognize. If you do click on such a link, double-check the name of the site as shown in the location bar of the browser, and be especially careful if the site name displayed is an IP address (e.g., "") instead of a domain name (e.g., ""); in the former case it is very likely the site is not legitimate. Don't enter any personal information into forms displayed at such a site, and if you have any concerns whatsoever about your security, just close the browser window.

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